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ewan Snuggly™ comforter classic


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Say goodbye to sleepless nights...

ewan Snuggly™ is a soft and cuddly sheep.  Just the right size for tiny hands to hold, which makes him perfect for cuddling and using as a comforter.

ewan Snuggly™ can be used at home: cot, moses basket etc. and also when out and about, as he can be secured to the pushchair or car seat by his Velcro tail. His tail is also great for securing a dummy/pacifier, making sure it doesn't become lost.
  • Easily absorbs parent's comforting scent to provide extra reassurance and security for baby as they drift off to sleep
  • Knotted legs with different texture for fingers to explore
  • Rip tape tail to secure dummy or teether or just to help keep it close by
  • Ideal companion when out and about or at home
  • Just the right size for tiny hands to hold

    Machine washable and dryer safe
      "The SweetDreamers® range of baby sleep products is about helping restless babies and toddlers settle quickly and sleep soundly.  We felt that by adding too many textures and colours, the Snuggly™ will provide too much stimulation at a time when baby needs to settle."

        Remember to keep Snuggly™ close to your body for a few days to ensure it absorbs your familiar scent which will help soothe and reassure your baby.
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